MiniLyrics for Spotify 1

Crintsoft (Freeware)

MiniLyrics for Spotify is a plugin that automatically displays the lyrics of music in Spotify, a media player. Users can select “Spotify” when installing the application and it will then integrate into the player. The interface of the plugin is fully customizable and there are a number of different skins to choose from, such as Metal, Fantasy, and Modern, among others. The lyrics application will automatically search for and download the lyrics of the loaded music files from its database, which is regularly updated. Users can also correct lyrics in an editor. Users can scroll up and down the lyrics as the corresponding music is played. The lyrics may also be saved in the user’s song files and view these from another device, such as a portable media player or a smartphone.

Users can configure MiniLyrics for Spotify to display lyrics in their chosen font and set the display in a lyrics bar or a floating mode. Users can also enable mouse click-through, select vertical or horizontal scrolling, display lyrics as static text or in a movie subtitle style, adjust the hue of the display, enable karaoke display, and display lyrics in a single or double line, among other configurations.

This plugin has cross-platform support, so it can be used in Spotify running on Android, Windows, and Mac systems.