Mini Robot Wars

Picsoft Studio (Shareware)

Mini Robot Wars has a fun storyline and an exciting game play. The game takes place in Green Planet, that the cute and adorable Minirobots call their home. The lovable mechanical life forms were invaded by cruel and ruthless troops who go by the name, “The Machines.” This game is all about the battle to save Green Planet from invaders that want to turn it into a space resort. Mini Robot Wars require players to exercise their wit in all three episodes that comprise the game.

The player can build a fighting team from a choice of 40 little robots. They have to collect metal parts and energy sources. Tactics need to be prepared in order to effectively shoot down, bomb, and slash the enemy. There are 32 different types of Machines and they arise from the ocean, fly through the air, and walk on land as well. These are the kind of foes that need to be vanquished in the desert, on grasslands, underwater, at the Iron Fortress, and on glaciers in Mini Robot Wars.

There are 150 levels in this adventurous arcade game. Mini Robot Wars by Picsoft Studio also offers players with 30 mini-games that they can enjoy. Achievements await successful players and new upgrades as available as well.