Mini Ninjas

Io Interactive A/S (Shareware)

Mini Ninjas from Io Interactive is a third-person POV game. The game follows the story of Hiro who is in-charge of restoring harmony to the world. In the game, the player needs to defeat evil Samurai enemies. When the player wins, an animal is set free from an evil spell. The final part of the game involves Hiro’s confrontation with the Evil Samurai Warlord.

The player can choose from six characters. Each character possesses different skills and weapons that can be changed at one point. The characters and their skills are:

• Hiro- the hero of the game. The character’s ability includes a high level of Kuji magic. The character’s weapon is a ninja sword. Hiro’s special move is to stop time to attack selected enemies. Hiro is the only character that has the ability to use multiple magic spells. The character appears in the first level.
• Futo - Futo’s weapon is a large wooden hammer. The character possesses great strength. The character’s special move is to attack enemies by rolling into a ball. Futo is the only character than can defeat huge enemies. The character appears in the first level.
• Suzume - Suzume is a female Mini Ninja. Suzume’s abilities include agility and swiftness. The character’s weapon is a flute which is used to mesmerize enemies. Suzume’s special move is to strike and stun evil Samurais with high kicks.
• Shun- Shun’s ability includes camouflage and stealth movements. The character’s weapon is a bow and arrow tied with an explosive. Shun’s skills are comprised of leaping, sneaking, firing arrows, and speaking.
• Tora - Tora is a Mini Ninja with the characteristics of a tiger. Tora’s weapon is a set of tiger claws. The tiger claws are used to pounce on enemies with great speed. The movement is termed in the game as “tiger dash”.
• Kunoichi - Kunoichi is another female Mini Ninja. The character uses a naginata or a spear. Kunoichi can do acrobatic and spinning movements.