Mini Golf Mayhem 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Mini Golf Mayhem is a virtual golf game that was first released in 2006. In the game, players get to experience playing mini golf in different holes on five golf courses. Each hole is challenging, as there are hindrances for the player to get the ball in the hole, such as bouncers, and water hazards. There are also moving walls, sand traps, conveyor belts, and fans. The game features a real physics engine that makes the ball’s behavior realistic.

Mini Golf Mayhem also comes with its own Course Editor. This can be used for creating new golf courses or creating new holes. Players who are successful in competing courses under par or on par will be able to unlock bonus holes for more gameplay. The game’s graphics are in 3D to make the game more interesting and enjoyable for players. More of the application’s features are listed below:

• ActiveBend – Comes with the ActiveBend technology that allows users to target the curves and bends on the course to see where the ball will go.
• Several Holes – The game comes with 50 holes that are spread throughout five courses.
• Multiplayer Mode – The game supports up to 9 players who can play against each other.