Mini CAD Viewer 3.1.1 (Freeware)

Mini CAD Viewer is a free and compact CAD Viewer that has facilities for zooming in and out the drawing view at will. It has a thumbnail view that allows for fast searches. Users who only want to view drawing made with AutoCAD will find this very convenient to use. This tool is meant for both advanced users and beginners.

This program is very handy even for people who have no background in CAD programming. It is easy to use and it is lightweight, and as the name implies it is a small application for viewing drawings in DWG and DXG. The interface has a very basic layout that is easy to navigate because it is very organized. The interface makes it easy to locate drawings and navigate folders because the structure is based on Windows Explorer.

Mini CAD Viewer can print drawing files and capable of processing file formats such as DWD, DXF, and DWG. Drawing can be saved in a variety of formats as well including JPG, BMP, and DWG. Here is a list of its other functions:

• Has three viewing modes: thumbnail, list, report
• Customizable thumbnail viewing mode parameters: background color, border color, size, row space, column space
• Shows hidden files

Mini CAD Viewer does not take up so much disk space. It is a reliable tool that works fast and it is ideal for users who require smooth and hassle-free operations.