Minecraft Version Changer 18

flippit (Freeware)

Minecraft  players often need to update to the current version if they wish to gain access to game servers. Otherwise, they will be unable to play the game at all, or play it as the most recent program updaters intended. Since Minecraft is updated automatically, players usually encounter a "server outdated" message if they do not have the newest updates or version installed in their systems.

Occasionally, server administrators take several days to apply updates to their site to support Minecraft’s current version. It may also take longer to update if players use plug-ins or game modifications, as these are subject to updates by their developers from time to time. The updating can subsequently create problems for those who wish to log on and play.

Minecraft Version Changer is an application that lets players change their copy of Minecraft to a specific version.  It comes with a long line-up of Minecraft versions players can choose from. Changes between versions take seconds. Installed modifications can be saved by generating a backup of copy of existing jar files. By selecting the version they wish to use, players can use Minecraft Version Changer can continue to gain access to servers and log onto multiplayer games using the versions they prefer.