Minecraft Texturepack Editor

BionicWave (Freeware)

Minecraft Texturepack Editor is an add-on for players of the computer game Minecraft, an indie game that lets players build virtual worlds by using blocks. These three-dimensional blocks can be "built" by combining elements found in the default environment that loads the first time a user opens the game.

The texture pack is usually loaded into the game by placing the files from the editor into the subfolder that hosts the default textures that come with the game. The editor itself can be used to preview the custom textures as well as open several texture packs at once. Other notable features of the texture pack editor include the following:

• The ability to move or copy multiple files containing texture packs in a single click.
• Three-dimensional previews of textures in a "sample block" for a more accurate representation before applying them into the game
• An option for players to create backup copies of their texture packs on a specified location.

While Minecraft Texturepack Editor simplifies the process of incorporating the packs into the game, the current version of Minecraft has stopped support for texture packs. In its place are resource packs, which offer the same functionality as its predecessor.