MindView 4.0

MatchWare (Shareware)

MindView 4.0 is an application used to visualize ideas into a mind map. Mind mapping is a method used in brainstorming and organizing processes and ideas into a visual form. This mind map helps users to see their ideas in order to determine which areas need improvement, or what else can be added. This mind-mapping tool can be used in product brainstorming, project planning and management, program evaluation, and a host of other applications.

This tool lets users create mind maps using text and images. The central concept or idea can be placed on the working area, from which associated ideas and other related items can be placed around the central idea with the use of spokes, branches, and other visuals elements. This application lets users modify their mind maps and switch to other views such as Timeline and Gantt Chart view. These views allow users to define and assign tasks, as well as indicate the deadline for each.

The MindView package includes a suite of tools and templates to make mind mapping easy. Map and branch styles may be customized. Graphics may be added and mathematical formulas may also be incorporated into the mind map. The finished mind maps may be exported to office productivity programs so these may be incorporated in presentations and reports.