MindView 3.0 Home Access

MatchWare (Shareware)

MindView 3.0 Home Access is a mind-mapping program suite designed for home use. Mindview is a visual learning application that comes with a comprehensive set of tools used in mind mapping. With this tool, users learn to develop and organize their ideas, enhance their creativity, improve memory, and clarify their thinking processes. The application comes with cliparts, helpful wizards, and concept map templates to assist users in learning.

MindView 3.0 Home Access is used by families that have children with dyslexia, visual impairments, and learning deficiencies. This application helps improve children’s critical thinking ability and reading comprehension. Using the application’s mind mapping tools, children will be able to increase their knowledge and skills in critical thinking. Among this application’s features are the following:

• Gathered thought – lets users visualize ideas easily and construct concepts more precisely
• Appealing interface – the application’s visual elements are presented well for greater ease of use
• Views – there are numerous outline and timeline views that helps users present concepts accordingly
• Templates and Layouts – the application comes with various map layouts, styles, and galleries.

MindView 3.0 Home Access projects can also be exported to Microsoft Office applications. Calculations can be exported to Excel and storyboards may be exported to PowerPoint. Outputs can also be sent via email.