MindSoft Wipe

MindSoft Wipe (Shareware)

MindSoft Wipe gets rid of data so that there is no chance of recovering them even with the help of data recovery programs. This efficient program is designed to destroy data with finality. It is applicable in situations wherein the owner of the data intends to erase intimate or sensitive documents and files and protect it from infiltration from outside agents. Despite the existing methods employed by persons and organizations seeking to recover lost files, this tool ensures 100% deletion and non-recovery of files.

MindSoft Wipe is a program that works fast. In a couple of seconds, this utility can delete a file the size of 500 MB. Valuable information cannot fall into the hands of unauthorized persons when this application is used. If the intention of the user is to remove data and render advanced techniques of recovering data ineffective, then this is the tool to implement. MindSoft Wipe guarantees absolute protection of private documents.

This program by MindSoft is based on the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual issued by the government. This official manual details step by step instructions on how to delete information permanently. This is an application that can be used by people who do not have a computer programming background since it automates file deletion.