MindSoft Utilities (Shareware)

MindSoft Utilities is a collection of three programs that are used for optimizing the computer and removing unwanted and junk files, such as invalid shortcuts, files left by uninstalled programs, and others. The three programs are the following:

• MindSoft System Optimizer – This application consists of three parts – memory optimizer, system accelerator, and startup. The memory optimizer improves the speed of the system. The system accelerator defragments the registry. Startup boots up the computer faster by removing unneeded programs from the startup list.
• DriveCare – The DriveCare program is comprised of four sections – disk doctor, disk fast defrag, disk full defrag, and background defrag. The disk doctor detects all the problems in the hard disk, while the three other sections are for defragmenting the computer. Users have the option to select parts to defrag or perform a full defragmentation. It can also be set to defragment when the system is idle.
• Clean Up & Repair – The Clean Up & Repair program has four parts – disk cleaner, registry doctor, registry backup, and system acceleration. The disk cleaner gets rid of unnecessary files in the computer. The registry doctor removes invalid files. The registry backup keeps a backup of the system. It can also be used to restore backups. The system acceleration tool defragments the computer to speed up the system.