MindSoft Undelete

MindSoft (Shareware)

MindSoft Undelete is a creation by MindSoft and is intended to be System Utilities program that has been tested for efficacy and efficiency. This utility is a program, which gives users the assurance that they receive adequate data protection as well as a mechanism for regaining lost computer data. This program is equipped for convenient utilization by both amateurs and professionals.

There are advanced features courtesy of MindSoft Undelete that provide the user with 100% recovery of data that is contained in the hard disk. This tool is compatible with Windows systems.

MindSoft Undelete is a program that has the following functions:
• Protection from full data erasure after an attack by malicious malware.
• Hassle-free and efficient detection of problematic files.
• Effective full recovery of damaged computer files.

MindSoft Undelete initially asks the user to select the files that have to be searched. Once this step is accomplished, the program immediately performs its designated functions.

MindSoft Undelete detects NTFS and FAT12/16/32 partitions—the ones that exist or were erased. This is the first step in data recovery. The user has the prerogative to recover only data that is needed with a function called PRECISE research. This component also reveals the status of the files that need to be recovered.