MindSoft Internet Optimizer

MindSoft (Shareware)

MindSoft Internet Optimizer functions to improve an existing Internet connection. This powerful program improves the ease of Web navigation. By increasing the speed and improving the quality of the connection, this application has the capability to boost Internet activities such as Web publishing, sending and receiving email messages, and chatting, e-shopping, researching, and other online activities. This program by MindSoft is intended for users of all level of skill. No matter who uses this versatile program, his or her system gets a 300% boost in Internet connectivity.

MindSoft Internet Optimizer is equipped with automatic detection capability that is ultimately beneficial to the computer system. Data transmission becomes faster and the quality is improved as well. Experts using this program can maximize the advanced features of the utility. Expert level users can perform edit functions of securities parameters such as TTL, MTU, and RWIN. Meanwhile, for beginners and non-experts, this application serves as a convenient tool because they can optimize their PC’s Web capabilities with just one click.

This utility is applicable to different types of connection including cable, ADSL, LAN, modem, T1, and satellite. This program is capable of improving performance irrespective of the nature of the Internet connection.