MindSoft Defrag 4.0

MindSoft (Shareware)

MindSoft Defrag is a simple application which allows the user to defrag specific file types or the whole drive. With one click, this utility starts working to analyze the hard drive. A report is provided to the user with regard to the status of the drive soon after.

This application is easy to operate such that there is no need for a beginner to undergo special training or instruction. There are prompts that the user has to pay attention and respond to. There is no need to consult a help file because the defragmentation process unfolds just by following these prompts. This utility is also suitable to intermediate and advanced users.

The interface that MindSoft Defrag presents to the user is essentially a graphic representation of the contents of the hard drive. Users are given the choice to set the program up so that the large files are skipped during defragmentation.

This application by MindSoft gives users essential information such as used space, cluster size, free space, size of the hard drive, and most importantly the fragmented folders and files after the analysis. This process occurs prior to the defragmentation proper. The user is also given a list of the completed work as soon as the defragmentation process is over.