Mindscape Dark Omen

Mindscape (Proprietary)

The Dark Omen game by Mindscape is the sequel to the first Warhammer tactical war game titled Shadow of the Horned Rat. In this game, the battles are depicted in a real-time 3D environment in which players are given the freedom to move, zoom, and rotate the viewpoint as they desire. The goal of the game is to defeat and obliterate the forces of evil from the game world. Players assume the role of a mercenary army captain and are given command of regiments of archers, infantry, and cavalry. They are also given control over huge monsters, war machines, heroes, and wizards.

The units vary in size; regiments can contain up to 32 members. As the game progresses, the units advance in experience. Units can be levelled up and upgraded by adding equipment and armor using money that players gain through killing enemies as well as accomplishing the objectives set within missions. Players can also add new units and replace losses.

Dark Omen lets players use up to ten units at once in one battle. Players select he initial position objectives, arrangement, unit formation, and disposition for their units. War tactics such as flanking and ambushing can be employed. The game also has a multiplayer mode in which players can choose to take control over the Orcish, Undead, or Imperial forces.