Mindjet (Shareware)

MindManager is an application used to create mindmaps. A mindmap is a visual representation of ideas and is a useful tool in brainstorming, project planning, and problem solving. This application provides users with tools to help them expound on their ideas and pick out which ones should be done right away. Users can add details, notes, charts, and hyperlinks to their mindmaps.

This application is also a useful tool in budgeting and managing finances because of its support for numerical formulas. This program has an automated calculation feature; users can simple add the numerical information and formula needed to be done and the program will immediately generate the result. This feature is useful for budget planners so they can adjust their finances per project accordingly.

Another key feature of this program is its compatibility with other productivity applications, particularly those developed by Apple and Microsoft. This feature allows users to create mindmaps in MindManager and then export these to their preferred productivity program. This means that users can present their ideas in a mindmap using PowerPoint.

Users who find themselves on MindManager for the first time may consult the program’s Quick Start guide so they can learn about the tool’s features and how to use the various functions.