DYMO (Shareware)

MimioStudio is an education program for creating interactive lessons. The program consists of a set of tools for presentations, activities, lessons, and tests. One of the main features of the program is the ActivityWizard. This tool automatically creates an activity geared towards a specific age group or grade level. The program makes use of content from its knowledge engine in order to provide lessons that students will benefit from. Teachers can also download content packs and lessons from the MimioStudio Gallery.

MimioStudio comes with several presentation tools that make learning more interesting. Some of the presentation tools included is Spotlight, Reveal, animations, and transitions. Users can import text from documents created in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, IWB, and Adobe straight to the application’s interface. In addition, teachers can make use of the Screen Recording feature of the program to record the desktop for tutorial purposes. Screenshots can also be captured and included in presentations.

The program can be used with other Mimio applications, such as the MimioStudio Gradebook. When used with the application, students’ scores will automatically be recorded in the gradebook. This can save time when grading tests and quizzes. Other programs that can be used with the application are MimioCapture, MimioTeach, MimioVote, and more.