Mille Bornes

Edmond Dujardin (Proprietary)

Mille Bornes is an automobile racing card game from France. The English translation of the name of the game is “a thousand milestones.” This card game is based on the European cement markers that are placed at regular intervals on the road. The markers or milestones are indicators of the distance to the next town. The game stimulates a 700-kilometer car race.  

This card game is intended for two, four, or six players so that those engaged in the game can enjoy the spirit of competition with other players. The primary objective of the players of the game is to finish a series of trips each set at 1,000 miles. A player starts with a six-card hand and proceeds with the game by picking more cards from a pile. Mille Bornes players can save their progress as they progress in the game.

The main features of this computer card game include:
• Car-shaped card tray that holds 110-poker sized playing cards
• Types of cards: Remedy, Distance, Safety, and Hazard
• Score sheets
• Oversized rule book
• Double-language cards (English and French)

The Mille Bornes game play is characterized as simple and fast. The winner is determined by the first player who reaches the 1,000 mile mark. There are many challenges to face, including a flat tire, lack of fuel, or situations that force the player to slow down.