MIKSOFT Mobile 3GP converter 1.1.0

MIKSOFT (Freeware)

MIKSOFT Mobile 3GP converter is a tool created to convert 3GP files, or 3rd Generation Partnership Project files, into AVI format. This enables users to play converted videos and audios using other programs that support AVI. Note that users can always play 3GP files on a PC desktop or laptop using Apple Quick Time (at least 6.4 version or higher), Real Player, or Nokia Multimedia Player. Any 3GP video files can be converted but need to have audio. In addition, the data converted become uncompressed files.

MIKSOFT Mobile 3GP converter has two main modes. These are “Multiple Files Conversion” and “Single File Conversion”. When using the “Single File Conversion”, users can browse and upload one file only. They can also choose to convert the video only, the audio only, or both. If they like to convert both video and audio, the boxes must be left unchecked. For the “Multiple Files Conversion”, users may add as many 3GP video files as they like. They may also specify the desired destination where the new file(s) should be stored.

There are plenty of phones supported by MIKSOFT Mobile 3GP converter. Among the brands of mobile phones that use 3GP files include Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Motorola, and Alcatel.