mikroBasic PRO for PIC 6.00

MikroElektronika (Shareware)

mikroBasic PRO for PIC, created by MikroElektronika, is an advanced compiler with full features. It is an ANSI C compiler that is intended for Microchip PIC devices. This utility is considered as one of the best available utilities for code development.

This program features a clear code and simple syntax and has more than 500 library functions that are ready to use. There is no need to do everything from scratch. All these come together to help programmers and web developers in development tasks. The program is efficient, smart and hardworking. This program features optimization levels that reduce the code size.

Here are the main features of mikroBasic PRO for PIC:
• Advanced optimizations
• Comprehensive software and hardware libraries
• Built-in Help file
• Ready to use samples
• Comfortable IDE

This program comes with a compiler license that offers users lifetime technical support and free upgrades. These offers are advantageous for people who have just entered the world of PIC microcontrollers.

The developer of mikroBasic PRO for PIC is a Belgrade-based company that specializes in compilers, accessory boards, and microcontroller development boards. This utility is intended for beginners. The IDE is intuitive, rich, and very fast, but most of all, the user can work comfortably.