Mikogo 4 4.7

Mikogo (Freeware)

Mikogo 4 is a desktop application used for web conferences and online meetings. The application assists in conducting meetings and conferences online by sharing the presenter’s screen with everyone involved in the online meeting. Each participant will be able to view the same screen at any given time. A total of 10 users can participate in the meeting. They can view the meeting on a special screen called the "viewer window". This viewer window pops up the moment the participant joins the meeting. Control of the screen can be switched to other participants in the meeting as well. The meeting can also have a different presenter any time for efficient collaboration.

Mikogo 4 allows the presenter to have control over the participants' keyboard and mouse. The presenter has a "boxed view" of what other participants are seeing on their screen. The presenter can also hide open applications in his screen. Meetings can be scheduled. Participants can be notified immediately when a meeting is happening soon. Each session has a unique ID. The program also supports chat and file transfer. Files that can be transferred can be up to 200MB. Furthermore, a meeting can be recorded so that it can be played back anytime after the session.

With HTML viewer, users can join meetings straight from their Internet browser.