Might and Magic VIII - Day of the Destroyer


Might and Magic VIII: Day of Destroyer is a role-playing game by New World Computing released in 2000. It is the eighth game in the Might and Magic series of video games and is notable for its length compared to earlier Might and Magic games. The game is developed with the engine used in creating Might and Magic VI. The game takes place in Enroth where Escaton plans to destroy the world. The player must summon heroes to stop this from happening. This game takes place after the events of Might and Magic VII. It also acts as a sequel to another game, Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Might and Magic VIII has the same character development system, graphics, and gameplay as previous games in the franchise. Unique to this game is the way the player manages his party of heroes. There are also brand new classes. However, the cleric and knight classes from previous games still appear in this game. Each of the classes has their own unique abilities and traits. Players fight enemies in two ways – either in real-time or with the team and the enemies taking turns to take action. There are various quests in the game. The player can choose the quests he wants to play at any given time.