Might and Magic VII

New World Computing (Proprietary)

Might and Magic VII is a single player RPG developed by the company, New World Computing and published by 3DO. The game’s plot follows the events that took place in both Might and Magic VI and Might and Magic III. In the latter, eight characters drove a ship called the Lincoln to chase Corak and Sheltem. The two Guardians were able to land successfully on Xeen; unfortunately, the Lincoln went off-course and crash-landed in the ocean next to a faraway planet called Enroth. The eight characters start clashing with one another and they end up getting divided into two factions – good and evil. Both groups compete against each other in realizing their respective agendas in the continent of Antagarich.

In the planet of Erathia, which is the main setting of this game, the kingdoms of humans and elves are fighting over a small town called Harmondale. The player assumes the role of one of Harmondale’s leaders, who must decide whether to align with humans or elves. The selection process involves taking on a series of quests and completing them successfully. When the war arbiter dies, the player must choose a successor from the good and evil camps. Apart from the main quest, the player can take on 18 side quests, which includes two Arcomage-based mini-games.