Mielophone 0.3.2

Tim Ermilov (Freeware)

Mielophone is a simple application used for listening to an audio library or finding new music. It makes use of different databases, such as BBCRadio, Last.FM, and MusicBrainz, in order to offer new music to users. The program has a simple interface that has a search field where users can type in titles of songs or names of artists. Songs can then be downloaded from the results list that the program displays. Full albums or individual tracks can be downloaded. Users can also search for song tags to discover new artists or songs. Some of the tags available include instrumental, relax, happy, groovy, road trip, let’s party, and a lot more.

This application may also be used by those who have accounts. This tool can be used to scrobble songs with. Songs that are currently playing can be shared with other users through Facebook. The program has a simple user interface that beginners and advanced computer users will be able to operate. Other key features of the Mielophone program are as follows:

• Has wide selection of audio tracks to download
• Allows users to discover new artists and songs
• Has a built-in music player that can be used to listen to downloaded tracks
• Minimalistic user interface
• Does not clog up system resources