Midtown Madness!

Angel Studios (Shareware)

Midtown Madness! Is a game which involves racing. The game’s objectives for players are for new cars to be obtained and street races to be won. It takes the player behind a vehicle’s wheel. Chicago’s streets serve as the game’s setting. Players are “let loose” and can come up with their own strategies to beat their competition. Since tracks are not found in the game, players have the freedom to chase through and explore Chicago city’s streets.

The game’s trial version provides three vehicles which are a Panoz Roadster, a city bus, and a 1999 Ford Mustang.  All in all, the game has ten vehicles in total and can be made use of in the game’s paid version. Other vehicles include the VW Beetle, F-350 pickup from Ford, and Cadillac Eldorado.  Modes in the game are Cops & Robbers, cruise mode, Checkpoint race, and Blitz race. Players have to be first in reaching finish lines which are set for every race. Racing tips from professionals are provided in the game. Best racing techniques are rendered by an Angel Studios’ inside source. Players are also allowed to blaze trails through a long distance of neighborhoods, roads, buildings, and shortcuts. Players can ram their opponents. Players can also specify traffic and weather conditions for every race