Mids' Hero & Villain Designer 1.960

Titan Network (Freeware)

Mids' Hero & Villain Designer is an application that enables players of the game City of Heroes to create and modify their own characters. City of Heroes is a massively multiplayer online RPG or role-playing game that is based on the genre of superheroes in comic books. The game released 23 updates before shutting down, but the last and 24th update of the game was played on a beta server until November 30, 2012, which was the last day of game services. In City of Heroes, gamers created player characters that were able to join forces with other characters in order to complete missions in a fictional setting named Paragon City.

Mids' Hero & Villain Designer helps players in character creation. Players first select the origin of the character (Natural, Science, Magic, Technology, Mutation) and its hero archetype (Blasters, Controllers, Defenders, Scrappers, Tankers), or villain archetype (Brutes, Corruptors, Dominators, Masterminds, Stalkers) and then the primary and secondary powers. The origin and archetype would dictate the kind of powers they can have. Players can then select the actual avatar and design the character’s costume. Players can customize power colors and give names, background stories, and individual battle cries for the characters they have created. With this character creation tool, players can also see their characters’ statuses and effects of their powers. Players can also compare different power sets.