Midnight GT

Rage Games LTD (Proprietary)

Developed by Rage Games LTD., Midnight GT is a racing game that propels players into a style of racing made famous by movies like The Fast and The Furious: underground street racing. Racing at night, players navigate through traffic, tight city streets, and other obstacles through an urban setting. Players have access to a variety of cars. Different makes, models, and brands are featured in the game and these cars are all customizable by the player. Once the player has satisfied himself or herself with the car customization, it then becomes time to put the pedal to the metal.

Midnight GT is set in the sprawling urban cities and open rural roads of Japan. With ten tracks spanning eight different regions in the country, the player has an ample selection of tracks to test his or her driving skills out on. The game features a type of track unlocking system. Players can only choose a track after he or she completes the previous race. After successfully completing and winning the previous race, a new track is then unlocked for arcade mode play or multiplayer. To add to the realism, the game features advanced graphics to render smoke, car reflections, and street lighting. Creating an environment for the player to be immersed in the world of the game. The game is now discontinued and no longer receives support or updates from the developer.