Midi2Mp3 Application 3.2.3

Dongsoft (Shareware)

Midi2Mp3 is a program that is used for converting MIDI files to WAV or MP3. The program does conversions directly so the final output is high quality. The program has a simple and straightforward user interface that can be operated by both novice and advanced computer users.

On the main window, users can import MIDI files by clicking on the Add MIDI Files button. All the files will be displayed as a list. Users can then open the Options window to set the WAV or MP3 settings before conversion. For WAV setting, users can choose the channels and sample rate from the drop down menus that are available. For the MP3 setting, users can set the sample rate, channels, and the encode mode. There is also an option to set the quality and bitrate for the file. There are three checkboxes at the bottom of the window for private, original, or copyrighted material. After all the settings have been configured, the files will be converted.

Midi2Mp3 also allows users to change the tag information for the audio files. This included the title, artist, album, year, track number, and genre. The last box on the tag information window is where users can add their own comments for the audio file.