MID Converter

Loopsoft (Shareware)

MID Converter is a program used primarily for converting midi files in one click. This program’s many functions includes conversion from one midi format to another as well as MIDI to MP3, MIDI to WMA, MIDI to OGG, and MIDI to WAV. This application is also capable of midi file playback and recording for Guitar Pro and Midi files.MID Converter is an all-in-one tool.

It is a very fast working utility that works equally well for home and business use. High quality audio is possible in Guitar Pro 3, Guitar Pro 4 and MIDI files playback. This program also has an advanced search engine that is built-in to the system. MID Converter also features batch conversion function so that there is no need to devote too much time in converting files individually. File fragments may also be converted when the need arises. The user can define the start and end positions to be converted.

MID Converter is a unique program created by Loopsoft. It supports a variety of formats including RIFF MIDI 1, RIFF MIDI 0, MIDI 0 and MIDI 1. It is compatible with MS Windows, NT/XP/ME, Windows 1998 and Windows 2000. Support is readily available to users who may have questions with regard to the utility’s functions and features.