MicroWorlds EX

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MicroWorlds EX is a collection of tools developed to provide users with the means to explore and talk about their ideas, questions on a variety of subjects, and their strategies for discovering answers and a deeper understanding of the subject matter. It is an educational package that lets users, mostly students, create science simulations, stories done with interactive media, mathematical explorations, and many more. This application helps users develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as develop greater creativity.

The program interface features a welcome screen, support and help options, high-quality graphics, interactive objects, and access to Web authoring tools. The welcome screen provides users with for options; a Free Node where they can work on a new project, Open Project where they can work on an existing project, Tutorials where they can learn about how to use MicroWorlds EX, and Samples  where they can take a look at project ideas.

This program comes with an on-screen techniques panel that assists users with common tasks. There are also instant tips about commands. There is also a guide for teachers using the program as an educational tool. Students and teachers can make use of interactive objects such as check boxes, drop down menus, and radio button sets that make presentations, quizzes, and surveys fun and interesting.