Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Millennium Operating System

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

The Microsoft Windows Millennium Operating System is developed by Microsoft Corporation as a replacement for the Windows 98 SE operating system, and the last OS from the Windows 9x series. It has additional features similar to Windows 2000. This system is made with components of the source code that is originally from Windows 2000.

Also known as Windows ME, this Windows OS features Windows Media Player 7, Windows Movie Maker, Internet Explorer version 5.5, and Outlook Express. These applications can be upgraded, such as Windows Media Player 9 series, Outlook Express 6 SP1, and Internet Explorer 6 SP1. Other features in Windows ME have been upgraded. These include the shell features and graphical user interface.

Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Millennium Operating System was first manufactured on June 19, 2000, but the release date for commercial purposes was September 14, 2000. It has been discontinued upon the creation of the Windows XP. Support for Windows ME was discontinued in July 2006.

Some of the features of the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Millennium Operating System are the following:
• Enhanced user interface (personalized menus, customizable Windows Explorer toolbars, icon overlays, and integrated search panel)
• Improved stability (system file protection and system recovery)
• Simplified network setup
• Universal Plug and Play
• ACPI support