Microsoft(R) DirectX per Windows(R)

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

Microsoft(R) DirectX per Windows(R) is a set of programs devised to provide users with tools that they can use in viewing multimedia outputs. It is also designed to maximize the capability of Windows systems for multimedia platforms. Systems utilizing this set of applications will be able to display and run various utilities that feature video, color graphics, rich audio and 3D animation. The Xbox console was based on the technology featured in DirectX.

Microsoft(R) DirectX per Windows(R)’s latest version can support multi-player games very well because of the new immersive audio feature. This advanced collection of programming interfaces includes APIs such as DirectMusic, DirectDraw, DirectPlay, Direct Sound, and Direct3D, among others. The Direct X 3D graphics component, Direct3D, is a popular tool used in developing video games for Xbox, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. This component of Microsoft(R) DirectX per Windows(R) is also widely used in engineering for visualization tasks.

Microsoft(R) DirectX per Windows(R) also includes performance and security updates. There are components of Direct X (Direct3D 11, Direct3D 10, and Direct3D9Ex) which run only in Windows Vista and higher operating systems since they require the Windows Display Driver Model. The graphics architecture for the more advanced tools included in Microsoft(R) DirectX per Windows(R) features a better video memory manager and additional tools such as the Desktop Windows Manager.