Microsoft Works

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

Microsoft Works is an office suite developed by Microsoft in 1988. It includes three types of software: a spreadsheet program, a database manager, and a word processor. It also comes with a dictionary and a calendar program to complement the main applications. The program is designed to work with small, low-power laptops. It requires a smaller memory and results in a smaller disk footprint.  Because of this, companies pre-install Microsoft Works on new machines for consumer use. Microsoft Works uses proprietary native file formats, namely WPS for text documents, WKS for spreadsheets, and WDB for database files. Nonetheless, Microsoft Works features compatibility with modern file formats like XLS for spreadsheets and DOC for text, enabling users to open files created using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Works became part of Microsoft Works Suite in 1997. The latter bundled other office productivity programs with Microsoft Works to provide a complete solution to its users. Other programs that complement Works include Encarta and Microsoft Arcade. Encarta is the encyclopedia application while Arcade provides users with basic computer games. Later on, Works Suite also included graphics applications called Graphics Studio Greetings and Picture It!, and a map application named Expedia Streets & Trips.

Microsoft Works was discontinued on September 2007 to make way for the more advanced Microsoft Office software suite.