Microsoft Word 2003

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Microsoft Word 2003 is one of the components of the Microsoft Office suite. This versatile program is a word processor with full features and is now the most popular program of its kind on the planet. It is known the world over as a top of the line word processor and for this reason it has become a best-selling program and one of the most often used of the applications included in the MS Office Suite.

Microsoft Word 2003 is equipped with publishing capabilities, has editing features, and can also perform standard spelling checks. The many available tools enable the user to create various types of documents for different purposes. Text documents that are sent via email today are mostly in MS Word format. The reason for this is the fact that many people who use computers in their daily activities employ this application to view the text documents once they have received it.

Microsoft Word 2003 is also easy to use and understand and first-time users do not need any training to operate it. The tools are presented in an organize manner and are self-explanatory. This program was first released in 1983 under a different name. Microsoft Word 2003 can be viewed using later versions of the program.