Microsoft Windows Media Player

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

Microsoft Windows Media Player is an application that enables users to play and organize media files. This application also allows users to listen to Internet radio stations via streaming. This program has support for many audio and video file formats, allowing users to sync their media libraries to portable devices such as media players, smartphones, and tablets running on Windows Mobile and Pocket PC systems. Users can listen to their playlists and watch their favorite movies anywhere using their Windows Media Player-synced device.

Microsoft Windows Media Player has a number of different features, including the following:

• Rip music from CDs – users can acquire music from CDs and save it to their media library. Music files may also be copied and burned to recordable disks in normal audio CD format or as data/multisession discs that contain playlists.
• Core playback – media files are played in the Now Playing mode, a simple interface that gives users access to the basic controls needed during playback, such as reverse and fast forward. Playlist items can be skipped without having to remove them.
• Visualizations – users can choose from Alchemy, Battery, and Bars and Waves to visually represent music beats and harmonies.
• Personalization – users can customize their Microsoft Windows Media Player by adding skins.