Microsoft Visual Basic for 32bit Windows

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

The Microsoft Visual Basic for 32bit Windows is a programming application that is characterized by its use of event-driven programming language. It is an integrated development environment or IDE and is derived from the BASIC programming language, making it easy to use and ideal for beginners in programming. It enables users to access Data Access Objects, ActiveX Data Objects, and Remote Data Objects databases. Users may also create their own ActiveX objects and controls using this application. This program also supports third-party applications to increase functionality.

With this application, programmers can create executable files, DLL files, interfaces for databases, and Windows applications. Its other functions and features include the following:

• Library of utility objects as well as basic object-oriented support
• Not case-sensitive and allows keywords to be configured into a standard format
• The compiler may be shared with other languages in the Visual Studio range, such as C and C++
• Application may be created using the built-in components provided by the application
• Runtime tool is able to recover unused memory through reference counting, preventing memory leaks

With this application, users can program simple projects such as user interfaces to more complex applications. The program allows users to visually arrange controls on a form and specify the actions for each component. Users can also write additional code to add functionality.
Visual Basic is now packaged as a component of Visual Studio.