Microsoft Streets & Trips

Microsoft (Shareware)

Streets & Trips is a map program that helps the user plan trips across town or across the country. It gives the user directions to anywhere in the United States and Canada, and allows coordination via a GPS or Global Positioning System locator. The program can include a GPS locator for users without GPS devices.

Streets & Trips features a voice prompt that will tell the user which street or road to take or where to turn to reach their destinations. The user can create a route to their destination by entering starting and ending locations on the programs interface and then clicking on Get Directions. The user can tell the program to optimize the route for mileage, current fuel in the tank, and level of refueling, and the program will include fuel stations in the users list of directions. A navigation pane is included in the interface. The pane will display turn-by-turn directions with street names in large font, and show directional arrows to indicate the next turn while showing a distance bar to the next turn.
Streets & Trips includes a GPS pane that allows the user to select the elements of the display screen. The panel will display direction of travel, speed, and GPS signal strength. The user can arrange the map display, create a GPS trail, and control voice options.