Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007, also known as Microsoft Autoroute, is a mapping and navigation application that enables Windows users to do a variety of mapping tasks such as route and trip planning. This application features a complete set of maps of North America, and presents the different routes and streets in detail so users can plan their trips just the way they want. Users can define a start and end point for their trip and the mapping application will provide the driving directions. The route plan can be altered at any time, and users can add another stop or change the destination.

One of the features of Streets & Trips is that it shows different points or places of interest so users can search for hotels, restaurants, cinemas, scenic spots, roadside motels, and more. When found, users can simply click on the place they want to go and select it as a stop, and the application will automatically put this in the trip plan and show the user the route going there. If Internet connection is available, users can also search for places online using keywords.

The navigation screen can inform users where the next turn will be and the estimated number of minutes they need to stay on the road before turning. It can also work with GPS units.