Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

The Microsoft SQL Server is a database management utility that is used to store and retrieve data that have been requested by other programs. The requesting applications may be those currently installed in the computer or those within other computers in the user’s network. The server comes in multiple editions, each with a specific feature set aimed at different users for different tasks and workloads. Some of these editions are the following:

• Enterprise – this edition includes the core database engine and has support for add-ons. It enables users to create an SQL server cluster and manage large databases up to 524 petabytes in size. It can support up to 160 physical processors.
• Business Intelligence – this edition focuses on Self-Service as well as Corporate Business Intelligence. In addition to standard features, it has Business Intelligence tools such as Power View, Data Quality Services, and PowerPivot.
• Datacenter – this edition has the full features of the Microsoft SQL Server and is designed to provide the application support needed for datacenters.
• Express – this edition is offered free to users who want a scaled-down version of the database management system. This edition includes the core database engine but is limited to one processor, one gigabyte of memory, and four gigabytes of database files.