Microsoft® SNA Server

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

The Microsoft SNA Server is a gateway application that functions to provide connectivity between Microsoft Windows 2000-based networks (including intranets) and IBM mainframes as well as AS/400 systems. It precedes the Microsoft Host Integration Server. The SNA server works to identify issues that a network may encounter. Once it detects probable errors, it applies fixes automatically. The other errors that may not be fixed by the server are isolated, written in a report log, and sent to the Microsoft-IBM technical personnel for examination, analysis, and response.

Users may connect to the server using different networking protocol types, including the Windows 2000 Routing and Remote Access service, TCP/IP, and AppleTalk. Upon connection, users can then access IBM’s network services, applications, and data through the server’s host integration features. With this gateway application, users such as IT managers can make the most of IBM host data through one program.

The Microsoft SNA Server’s host integration features include:
• Host Data Integration – this covers transparent file transfer services and Universal Data Access technologies
• Network Integration – this feature includes directory utilization, cross-platform protocols, security integration, and cross-platform network connectivity
• Network Management Integration – this application integrates the network management services of Windows 2000 with the management services of IBM NetView
• Application Integration – with this service, users get terminal access as well as integrate the Microsoft Message Queue services with the IBM MQSeries application