Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.20913 (32-bit)

Microsoft (Freeware)

Microsoft Silverlight is a multimedia framework used for creating and running interactive environments for desktops and mobile devices. It is typically installed together with updates, but it can also be downloaded as a standalone application. Here are the main features of the Microsoft Silverlight application:

• Support for extensive media formats – The program is capable of supporting different types of video and audio codecs so more formats are covered.
• PivotViewer – This feature makes it a lot easier for browsers to view large amounts of information from the Internet without having to wait for a long time.
• Customizable controls – Silverlight comes with more than 60 kinds of controls with customizable source codes and professional-looking themes.
• Pixel shader effects – These built-in effects can be applied to graphics and then animated later on. Users can also create and add their own effects to use.
• Styling – The styling and skinning feature of the application makes it easier to use graphics for the customization of different controls on a website. The application also comes with a variety of templates.

Once installed in the computer, Microsoft Silverlight does not need to be configured in the computer, but the application also offers settings that can be changed. Some of these include options for audio and video devices, updates, and others.