Microsoft (R) Windows Media (TM) Encoder 9.0

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

Microsoft (R) Windows Media (TM) Encoder is a piece of software that allows its users to capture different types of media files then encode, save, and distribute them as Windows-ready files. This is a particular application that people can rely on to create Windows formatted files out of data obtained from video, audio, and other computer generated multimedia sources.

Aside from personal usage, the files that have been created with the Microsoft (R) Windows Media (TM) Encoder can be used for purposes such as on-demand delivery. Because the media files have been converted into Windows recognizable elements, not only are they easier to transmit across platforms but they are also easier to play or open when using standard playback software.

Microsoft (R) Windows Media (TM) Encoder was created and released by the Microsoft Corporation as a free-to-use program. The initial release occurred on January 2003. The program comes equipped with various extension support components that allow it to read files from varying sources regardless of the initial file extensions that they carry. This particular piece of software works best with later editions of Windows Media Video and Windows Media Audio programs. This is because the following versions already come with extended codec support.