Microsoft QFixApp

Microsoft Corporation (Proprietary)

The Microsoft QFixApp utility, also known as Quick Fix, is used to apply various program fixes quickly. It is bundled with the Application Compatibility Toolkit included in the Windows XP operating system. Some programs may have compatibility issues that result in them not being able to run properly when installed in Windows XP. Quick Fix comes with a database of pre-packaged compatibility fixes called AppFixes; when applied, the program also determines whether the fixes are effective.

This application has a simple interface that shows users the compatibility fixes in the database. The compatibility fixes may be individually applied to a particular program (through the “Fixes” tab) or in groups (through the “Layers” tab). This application allows users to test and check the AppFixes one by one. Quick Fix applies the fixes and provides detailed information on the results. With this application, users can determine the best combination of fixes to support a particular program.

When Microsoft QFixApp is started, it will show a list of programs for which the fixes needs to be applied. Users can then select a particular AppFix or a layer to apply, then click the “Browse” button to open the Windows system folders. Users can then search for the program’s .exe file. Once selected, users can click the “Open” button and then “Run” to apply the fix. When the selected program is launched, it will be compatible with Windows XP.