Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Microsoft (Shareware)

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 is a program from Microsoft that is part of the MS Office suite. This program’s main design is to assist the user in creating slideshow presentations. There are numerous tools featured in this utility that professionals can maximize in order to come up with a cohesive piece.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 outputs are also now widely used in webcasts. These presentations come in handy during reporting, lecturing, and related activities. The individual slides or pages can contain text, images, and video files. Other objects may be added into the presentation as well.

One of the top features of this program is the custom animation feature, which allow certain elements to enter and exit a slide, with a variety of available transitions that the user can choose from. Animated objects can add drama or emphasis to the topic or subject being presented. Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 presentations also feature sound effects and music.

Users of Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 are given the freedom to create their own layout and design. The preparation of each slide is made convenient with the help of a wide range of templates. The created presentations may be displayed live and viewed on a computer monitor, projected to a crowd via screen, or printed on paper.