Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Microsoft Outlook is an email program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. The application also consists of other office tools, such as a calendar, notes, scheduling, alarm, and a task manager. The program’s interface has different menus where users can access the different tools of the application. The main menus are File, Home, Send/Recieve, Folder, and View. Under each menu are buttons for different tasks and functions.

In the default view of the application, the main area is divided into three parts. The left panel displays shortcuts to the different parts of the email account (drafts, inbox, trash, sent mail, spam, starred, and outbox). Users can also access RSS Feeds from the left panel. Beside the panel is a list of files that are contained in a selected folder. Messages that are opened appear on the right part of the window.

Other features of Microsoft Outlook are the following:

• Filters – Users can set filters on the email in order to categorize incoming messages. This enables users to access important emails quickly.
• Search Field – Microsoft Outlook’s interface has a search field to allow users to type in names or words in order to find a certain entry.
• People Card – The People Card feature allows users to view all information about a contact in just one location. This includes contact numbers, social networking updates, email address, and others.