Microsoft Outlook 2003

Microsoft (Shareware)

Microsoft Outlook 2003 is an information manager that is intended by its creators for personal use. This utility is created by Microsoft Company and included in the MS Office Suite of programs. The main function of this application is to serve as an email client. It can also be utilized for other purposes such as Internet browsing, note-taking, task scheduling, and many others.

Aside from its basic functions, Microsoft Outlook 2003 data can be synchronized to Outlook Mobile. This program can stand on its own. It is also designed to work with other programs such as MS SharePoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. This tool is thus capable of fulfilling the needs of multiple users and accomplishes this without difficulty.

This program features other tools such as a task manager, a calendar, a journal and it can act as a contact manager as well. This tool can be used to share meeting schedules, exchange folders. It is also handy in sharing calendars and mailboxes.

It is easy for experienced developers to create new or customized programs that work with MS Office components such as Outlook with the help of Microsoft Visual Studio. Microsoft Outlook 2003 can also be integrated with other programs and current hardware such as BlackBerry smartphones using third-party apps.