Microsoft Open XML Converter 1.0.2

Microsoft Corporation (Freeware)

Microsoft Open XML Converter is an application used to convert Office Open XML documents to a format that may be opened on computers running on Mac OS X. With this application, users who have document files created in Office 2007 for Windows or Office 2008 for Mac may be able to open, edit, and save these in earlier versions Office for Mac, such as Office 2004 or Office v. X.

Aside from converting Word documents, this application can also convert PowerPoint presentations as well as Excel workbooks, provided they are saved in Open XML format. Users can convert individual files or multiple files through batch processing. This program is ideal for Mac users who receive a .docx file that cannot be opened in newer versions of Office for Mac.

Converting XML files through this application is easy. Users simply need to open the folder that contains the files for conversion, select these, and drag and drop these into the target area in the program’s main interface. Users can specify whether they would like to save the output file into the same folder or location as the original file, or browse a folder for a new location for the converted file.

During conversion, the application will display a progress log of the process and informs users when the task has been completed.