Microsoft Office Word 12

Microsoft (Proprietary)

Microsoft Office Word is a word processing program developed by Microsoft. It is part of the office software suite by Microsoft called Microsoft Office. The program is largely used for text composition and text proofing. The program features a ribbon interface. The Windows menu options include Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailings, Review, and View. Under Home tab, users can change the font size, font style, and apply font effects. Users may also change the formatting, alignment of text, and other options. The Insert tab enables users to insert pages including a cover page, a blank page, and a page break. Users may also insert tables, pictures, clip arts, shapes, SmartArt, WordArt, and charts. This tab enables users to add hyperlinks, bookmarks, header, footer, and page numbers.

Microsoft Office Word Page Layout tab allows users to customize the margins, orientation, size, columns, line breaks, line numbers, and hyphenations. Users may also customize the indentation and spacing of words, as well as add borders and watermark, and change the page color. References tab allow users to insert footnotes or endnotes, as well as insert citations and captions. Users may also create a Table of contents, or insert an Index page. The Mailings tab allow users to customize envelops, labels, and Start Mail Merge. The Review tab contains the Spelling and Grammar checker, as well as access to the Thesaurus and Dictionary. Users may also insert comments, balloons, as well as configure the program to track changes in a composition. Lastly, the View tab enables users to view the document in one of the available Document View types: Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline, and Draft.