Microsoft Office Publisher 12

Microsoft (Proprietary)

Microsoft Office Publisher is a desktop publishing application developed by Microsoft. It is part of Microsoft Office software suite. Compared to Microsoft Office Word, the program focuses on design and page layout, while Word focuses on text composition. The program enables users to create different types of publications. It provides a variety of publication templates including Advertisements, Award Certificates, Business cards, Brochures, Calendars, Flyers, Greeting Cards, Labels, Letterheads, Menus, and Newsletters, among many others. Each template features different designs including classic and newer designs. Some designs include Arrows, Marker, Photoscope, Bars, Bubbles, Eclipse, and Marquee. Users may also customize the publication to apply a specific color scheme or font scheme. Users may also customize the layout as to number of panels or divisions.

Microsoft Office Publisher graphical user interface features a ribbon menu. The default view features the Format Publication options toolbox on the left panel, and the main window occupying the remainder, with rulers flanking the left and the top. Users may add text boxes, text, pictures, clip art, WordArt, and other objects.  The program also offers a variety of toolbars which can be set to display by default, or remain hidden. Some of the available toolbars are the Standard, Formatting, Objects, Picture, and Publisher tasks toolbars. The program also offers a Content Library and Design Gallery Object gallery.