Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Microsoft (Shareware)

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a presentation software integrated into Microsoft's Office Suite. It basically runs through the Microsoft Windows platform, but it also supports Apple's Mac OS X operating system. As a program designed for making presentations, Microsoft Office PowerPoint is composed of a large number of blank pages technically referred to as "slides." The slides serve as the empty canvass where users may encode their texts and incorporate other design elements such as graphics, sound, movies, clips, and other objects. Using predetermined keys and commands, all of the items can be arranged and rearranged freely.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint creates presentation that can both be printed or displayed live using projectors. The program has its function keys that allow users to switch slides, transition from one slide to the other smoothly during a presentation. For better display and performance quality, users may also use other special features of the software including: entrance, exit, emphasis, transitions, and custom animation. The first three refers to how text elements are displayed on the slides. On the other hand, transitions refer to the movement between slides, which can be done and animated in several ways. Finally, custom animation is a feature that lets users create small story boards by manipulating pictures, texts, and objects, giving them animations that can be run real time during presentations.